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Make an Impact with Great Remodeling Photos

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how does that relate to the remodeling industry? When it comes down to it, customer trust starts with visual impact—whether they are scrolling through a website or checking out galleries of past home improvement projects. Although q...

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Value in Photography

When shopping for a home, you don’t even set an appointment to see a home without first seeing pictures. Just as images can help sell you on a new home, so can they help sell new customers on your remodeling business. Customers want be able to visualize how amazing their home will look, and great ph...

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​Build your reviews to build your business

In remodeling, your reputation is your most important asset. When you are improving your customer's home, you are also improving their most valuable possession. Your work keeps their family comfortable and safe. To earn a customer's trust with that huge responsibility, you have to really stand out!...

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How Remodelers Make the Most of Manufacturer Relationships

Think of all the ways that your home remodeling company can stand apart from the crowd. To grow your business, you will need a competitive edge in your marketplace. Your service is excellent and your install crews are the best anywhere, but in a crowded market these are not enough. It is time to sta...

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Great Service Leads to Great Results

Here at EcoView, we’re fond of saying that remodeling is a customer service business. Our success or failure is determined as much by our household manners as our craftsmanship in installing windows and exterior products. To ensure that we are delivering great service on every call, we listen to rec...

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Three Proven Methods to Make HomeAdvisor Work for You

Many horror stories are out there about HomeAdvisor, particularly with novice remodelers feeling like they’ve been cheated by the pay-per-lead service. We should start off by saying HomeAdvisor leads are 100% sellable. With our lead tracking systems, we can categorically state that HomeAdvisor leads...

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Seven Great Handouts for the Home Show

Home shows and events are a great source of new business for your remodeling company. You get the opportunity to present your business in front of crowds of homeowners, any one of whom might be a great fit for your services. As a bonus, meeting your staff face-to-face establishes a relationship whic...

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Beyond the Home Show – 3 Events You Need to Be At

When it comes to event marketing for remodelers, it pays to think outside of the box. After all, Home and Garden Shows are great, but everyone knows that they’re great. You’re in a room full of competitors! Here are some event ideas to help you break new ground, putting you in touch with potential c...

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Remodel Your Business with a New Product Line

Think about why Home Depot sells candy. Home Depot is not a candy store – but, after a bit of thinking, they realized that the folks who buy construction hardware are also on the market for candy, and Home Depot already had all of the talent and infrastructure they needed to exploit that market open...

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Four Sites for Contractor Reviews

As a contractor, your single most valuable asset is your reputation. Think about it – whether you install roofs, replacement windows, or new vinyl siding, your service is probably the biggest purchase your customer will be making this year. With the size of that investment, your potential customer...

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