When shopping for a home, you don’t even set an appointment to see a home without first seeing pictures. Just as images can help sell you on a new home, so can they help sell new customers on your remodeling business. Customers want be able to visualize how amazing their home will look, and great photos help them do that.

While professional photos are great, they aren’t the only kind of photos you should include in your salesmen’s portfolios. Your installer can snap a few photos with his smartphone that can have the same impact.

  • Get Big Picture Shots: These show the whole house or the whole project

  • Get Detail Shots: These really show the quality of the craftsmanship

  • Include People: Homeowners and pets in the photos will further help potential customers visualize the finished product in their own home.
  • Different Light: Try getting photos at different times of day to show how it looks in various light.

Your sales people will walk into appointments armed with images of your best work-and that will help them close the sale.

If you are working with manufacturers who aren't living up to their promises to get you great marketing photos, we should have a conversation. At EcoView, we know the value of imagery to growing your business, so we supply you with the exact resources you need to succeed.

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