Here at EcoView, we’re fond of saying that remodeling is a customer service business. Our success or failure is determined as much by our household manners as our craftsmanship in installing windows and exterior products. To ensure that we are delivering great service on every call, we listen to recorded phone calls to see how we can improve our business. Here are the top 3 tips to leverage your great customer service skills to build your business.

Call Promptly

Did you know that you have a 7-times better chance to set an appointment if you call your customers back within the hour? Pretty neat! We read that in a study by the Harvard Business Review, and we see it confirmed with our own dealers. You have no more important task that needs doing than calling your customers back. If you intend to grow your business, that is!

Start Automatically

Technology can make your life easier and your customer’s experience better. We set up an automatic reply on all of our leads, sending a quick and personalized email to anyone who requests a quote. That way, when a customer receives your call, they’ve seen your face and expect to hear from you. We do this for leads coming in through our 24/7 chat service as well, which adds another layer of convenience to the buying process.

Don’t be surprised to see repeat customers when your buying experience is seamless and convenient!

It’s a Competition

An appallingly low percentage of remodelers respond promptly and professionally to potential customers inquiring after their services. When you receive a quote request, be the first to respond and present your best face. Doing this helps you beat your competition, because your customer is likely requesting multiple bids. By responding automatically with a personalized email and then within the hour with a personal phone call, you will stand head-and-shoulders above your competition.

If you’re already committed to customer service, we want you on our team! Fill out this form to learn how EcoView can match your passion for customer service with a great set of products and marketing support!

Remember, the sales process is your customer’s first impression of your company. If your service is professional and convenient, then your customer know that you will be professional and mindful of their home when you ultimately finish the project. Be sure that you are setting the right expectation with great customer service from the first impression through to the finished product!