As a contractor, your single most valuable asset is your reputation.

Think about it – whether you install roofs, replacement windows, or new vinyl siding, your service is probably the biggest purchase your customer will be making this year. With the size of that investment, your potential customers will research their options to make certain that you are a business they can trust with their home.

This is all good news for you! By asking your previous customers to share a few words and a review of your service online, your happy customers are doing your marketing for you and helping you grow your business.

To get the best return out of your online reviews, you will want them on these sites:

  • Google Local
  • Houzz
  • Facebook
  • Yelp* (More on Yelp Below)
Google Local: When a customer searches for your brand, after a home show for instance, what will they see? If you’re on top of things, they’ll see a bunch of happy reviews from your past customers. Definitely, though, they will see your Google Local listing. It pops up on the right hand side of Google searches for your service and for your brand name. Make sure you have great photographs and 5+ reviews on there, as this listing shows up nearly every time your brand or location is searched for.

Our partner in Omaha is doing great on Google Local - the start of a great reputation! Our partner in Omaha is doing great on Google Local - the start of a great reputation!

Don’t have a Google Local listing? Why not? They’re free and they drive leads to your business, so you really need to get on board with one!

Houzz: This site is a sharp new tool for home remodelers – it’s caught on over the last year or two. Most importantly, it has a no-hassle reviews feature that pops up next to Google search results for your brand. If that weren’t enough, it also has one of the best photography platforms for remodelers – and it’s free!

Seeing is believing, and when a prospective customer sees stellar photos of your previous work alongside great reviews from your previous customers, that is a winning combination to grow your business.

Facebook: Not everyone knows this, but your Facebook page is good for more than just ‘likes.’ It can host reviews as well! You should have an account for your business as an easy way to publicize your work and your involvement in the community. Request a few reviews, and customers will see one more indication of your great reputation when they search for your company online. Yelp: You don’t have to love Yelp, but you do NEED to think about Yelp. You’ll have a Yelp listing created for you, so better that it be an asset than a liability. Unfortunately, Yelp’s filter blocks many first time reviewers, and many of your customers will be first time reviewers. You can take control of your Yelp profile, though, by posting excellent photos.


An excellent photo - look how clean that worksite is! There is a contractor who will entirely respect your home. An excellent photo - look how clean that worksite is! There is a contractor who will entirely respect your home.

Photos don’t lie, so when your prospective customers see that you pay attention to details in your installation and presentation, that will make an excellent impression.

Software to automate the reviews process

Now, we’ve put a lot of review sources in front of you, and collecting enough reviews to fill out four separate websites can be a daunting task. You may need software to help you cover your bases.

Here at EcoView, we believe in the value of reviews in our dealers’ sales process. That is why we provide reputation management software for all of our dealers. By automating the review request process across these sites and others, our dealers can focus on what they do best – building beautiful homes for our customers.

If you think your business would run better with the support of a national brand, check out our dealer information page. Any questions or insights? Feel free to shoot Nick Little a line to talk sales strategies.