When it comes to event marketing for remodelers, it pays to think outside of the box. After all, Home and Garden Shows are great, but everyone knows that they’re great. You’re in a room full of competitors! Here are some event ideas to help you break new ground, putting you in touch with potential customers who haven’t already spoken with a dozen other remodeling companies.

1) Art Fairs

There is one common factor in remodeling – buying decisions are driven by women. It pays, then, to attend events that are a disproportionate draw to the lady of the house. Art fairs fit that bill perfectly! Not only does the attendance skew towards female decision-makers, the attendance is also slanted towards higher-income homeowners who are ready for a remodel.

Bring a beautiful booth, and set appointments with homeowners impressed by your sense of design!

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2) October Fest (and other craft food festivals)

I bet we don’t need to twist your arm on this one! If you think about it, though, the ideal event has heavy foot traffic with a high proportion of homeowners. Attendance to classic home shows is dropping, but attendance to craft food festivals is booming.

Go where your customers are, and have a beer to celebrate after a successful day of booking appointments!

3) Walking Around

At any event you attend, don’t feel like your demonstrators need to be anchored to your booth. Again, it pays to be where your customers are! If they are lining up at other booths or food stalls, send out a demonstrator to engage them as they wait.

A clipboard and a stack of contest sign-ups are an easy conversation starter!

So, there you have it. Three new ways to win customers by attending events in the community. If you find that your event marketing isn’t generating great results, you may not have the manufacturer support you need to succeed.

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