Think of all the ways that your home remodeling company can stand apart from the crowd. To grow your business, you will need a competitive edge in your marketplace. Your service is excellent and your install crews are the best anywhere, but in a crowded market these are not enough. It is time to start thinking beyond your own company, and start thinking about how to leverage your relationship with your product manufacturers to stand out and grow your business.

Think about it – your manufacturers operate nationwide, and have all of the advantages that come with that larger scope. Use those resources strategically to grow your own local business in a way your competitors can’t! Here are 3 great ways to get the most out of your manufacturer relationships:


First off, get the most out of the products that you are installing for your manufacturer. While terms and conditions vary, manufacturer warranties can be key in setting your customer at ease buying from you. Knowing that their home is doubly warrantied by you the installer, as well as a national manufacturer, can be a huge edge in the marketplace.

Here at EcoView, we make sure that you have all of the marketing material to make the most of our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty. That way, our dealers bring more to the table than just about any local competitor.

Our sunrooms look great, and so does the warranty!

Strategic Relationships

Use your manufacturer affiliations to get the best deals for the services you buy. For instance, even the largest home remodeler is much smaller than the average remodeling manufacturer. Use that clout to your advantage!

For instance, at EcoView we have negotiated special rates with lead providers like HomeAdvisor for our dealers. We are the largest purchaser of HomeAdvisor services in our areas of home remodeling, so we can win you significant bulk discounts.

If your manufacturers aren’t doing this for you, we should talk about bringing you over to the EcoView team! Click here to get in touch and learn more about working with EcoView Windows.

Networking Opportunities

Every day, I see remodelers out there struggling to reinvent the wheel. Your business doesn’t have to grow through only trial and error. Use your manufacturer networks to put you in contact with great business owners to learn from. Take what lessons work for your peer companies, and apply them to your own market.

Here at EcoView, we have regular owner summits to facilitate this exact sort of learning. We find that our dealers do best when they learn from the best. Plus, with our exclusive territories, you never have to worry about sharing winning techniques with a competitor. If your manufacturers aren’t providing you with this kind of support, you may have outgrown your manufacturers. Get in touch with us if you’re ready to move up to the next level!

So there you have it, three easy ways you can leverage your manufacturer relationships in the new year. Get started now, so that you are taking the fullest advantage by spring. Any questions? Just let me know, and I’ll email you right back.