Many horror stories are out there about HomeAdvisor, particularly with novice remodelers feeling like they’ve been cheated by the pay-per-lead service. We should start off by saying HomeAdvisor leads are 100% sellable. With our lead tracking systems, we can categorically state that HomeAdvisor leads can drive profitable sales to your remodeling business. For a new remodeling company, this can be a great source of leads before your other marketing channels take off.

Here are 3 proven methods our partners use to get more for less through HomeAdvisor.

1) Call First

This is the first and most important rule. Most HomeAdvisor leads are competitive. That means that 3-4 other remodelers will be calling that lead, eventually. When a customer sets an appointment with the first remodeler to call, they then start ignoring their phone as it rings off the hook with other offers. If you are that first remodeler, great, you just booked an affordable lead. If you aren’t that first remodeler, you just burned the contents of your billfold.

We give our dealers a crucial advantage – autodialing software! When a HomeAdvisor lead comes in, you receive a phone call. All you have to do is press one, and you automatically dial the customer. Pretty neat stuff, you are the first caller every time! We find that it more than doubles our odds of setting an appointment from a HomeAdvisor lead. You can do this manually if you stay on top of it, but it’s easiest with technology.

Ready to get an advantage on HomeAdvisor? Get in touch to find out all the advantages for EcoView dealers.

2) Call Repeatedly

Have you heard that great saying, “Try once, and then give up because all is lost?” Me neither. Giving up just isn’t applicable in home remodeling. If you don’t reach your customer the first time you dial them, wait 5 minutes, and dial again. Do this until you reach the customer or until you’ve tried for one hour. Only leave a voicemail if you’ve attempted at least 3 calls, because voicemails have a very low response rate.

3) Budget Tightly

One quirk we’ve seen on HomeAdvisor is the service going way over the established budget. When we set up a new account for our partners, we are sure to set tight budgets that everyone understands. For instance, if you change your budget, that resets your budget! Keep a careful eye on your monthly spend, and pause your leads if you see that you are spending too much. HomeAdvisor can keep within your monthly advertising budget, if you manage it correctly. We have a whole checklist to keep a remodeler’s marketing on track, so our partners see their marketing investment returned.

There you have it – 3 proven techniques to book more sales through HomeAdvisor. Our dealers have a proven track record of success finding customers and doing beautiful work on their homes through HomeAdvisor. So much so, we have a special partnership with the lead provider. From discounts to special support, EcoView Windows provides key advantages for our dealers on the platform. If you’d like more information about participating with your own remodeling company, justclick here to get the conversation started.