4 Myths About Energy Saving Home Improvement Projects

Most homeowners usually blame the hot summer weather when a high energy bill arrives. That blame might be misplaced, however. There are many myths surrounding how best to save on energy costs, some we might believe to easily. So, what is accurate vs. fairytale when considering energy...

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Why New Patio Doors Mean Style and Efficiency

You wake up to a beautiful morning, and you decide to eat out on the deck. So, you reach to open your old patio doors, but they’re stuck. Your beautiful morning isn’t going the way you want it. Add to your home’s curb appeal without giving up functionality with a door replacement. Eco...

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Window Style Series: The Features of Casement Windows

Planning on replacing your home’s windows? If so, have you decided on what window style you’ll choose as a replacement? If you’re looking for a window style that offers maximum ventilation, we highly recommend on of the most popular styles today. Casement windows are hinged at the sid...

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Reasons to Choose EcoView Windows & Doors

Are your windows beginning to look old and dilapidated? Is your front door looking like it has seen better days? If you’re having these problems at home, you will surely need to replace them. Old doors and windows are definitely eyesores that can affect your home’s curb appeal. Their...

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