vinyl siding

When it comes to home improvement projects, your siding probably isn’t top of mind. However, it’s a crucial aspect of your home—and not only for its looks. Siding is mainly used to protect your home from demanding weather and to keep it running efficiently throughout the year.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Whatever the season, there’s one type that stands out among the rest in every aspect: vinyl siding. If you’re preparing for an exterior renovation, we’re here to tell you why you should choose vinyl. While its benefits are endless, we know you don’t have all day. Here are the top four reasons why you should dress your home in vinyl:

Durable Designs

Your home is one of your most important investments, which is why it’s important to keep it safe and secure. Vinyl is resistant to weather damage, rot, and pests, so it maintains color and quality much better than your other average options. That means you don’t have to waste extra time and money washing and painting your exterior throughout the year.

To be sure your house can withstand both sweltering summer days and frigid winter winds, you need to find the right vinyl siding contractors. Our team engineers all our products to meet the specific demands of every individual home and hires factory-trained installers to make sure the entire project is completed without a hitch.

Custom Styles

Vinyl is a practical choice, but it also gives you a lot of room for creative freedom. You can mix and match different colors and textures to help unique design elements stand out. Your home is the best place for you to relax and be yourself, so why not let the outside reflect your style, too?

At EcoView, we offer a variety of options to match any home. Our line of vinyl siding is crafted to look exactly like natural grain wood, so you can enjoy a classic aesthetic while taking advantage of vinyl’s unmatched strength.

Energy-Efficient Capabilities

Our durable siding doesn’t only enhance your exterior. With a vinyl siding installation, your home will be better insulated from the elements, which means you’ll minimize energy transfer. This will get rid of those pesky drafts, so you can keep your interior comfortable all year long.

Arguably the most important benefit: vinyl will help you save on your monthly utility bills! It will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, no matter what your local climate throws at it, so you’re not losing out on your monthly heating and cooling bills.


Despite vinyl’s superior performance, it’s one of the most affordable materials on the market. On average, it costs about 11 percent less than cedar siding and 26 percent less than aluminum. That means in addition to choosing premium, attractive siding, you’re saving money on it, too!

As you’re looking for the best team to install your siding, keep an eye out for special offers and deals. When you work with EcoView, you get to enjoy flexible financing options with payments as low as $69 a month!

Improve Your Home with Superior Vinyl Siding Today

With the right team behind you, investing in your siding will pay off in more ways than one. EcoView is dedicated to enhancing the beauty, durability, and efficiency of you house, so you can enjoy years of hassle-free homeownership. Our vinyl siding installers will work alongside you from the very start to make sure our custom plan meets all your style and performance needs. Give us a call to speak with our specialists or fill out our online form to request a free project consultation today.