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It’s no secret that technology has evolved considerably in the last two decades and continues to get more and more advanced every year in every sector across the board. In the home remodeling and construction sectors, we’ve come a long way from the plain wooden window frames and single-pane glass windows of our recent history. 

At EcoView Windows & Doors, we’ve been riding the wave of this advancement in home improvement technology for over 36 years. Our mission has always been to bring our customers the latest in the world’s most advanced and energy-efficient products in home remodeling. Whether you’re searching for replacement windows, doors, siding, or storm protection products, the most guiding factor in today’s new technology is energy-efficiency. Today’s best products are engineered to help homeowners conserve as much energy as possible—allowing them to save money on energy costs while living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

EcoView Windows & Doors’ full inventory of products is guaranteed to represent the best and most innovative home remodeling solutions available today. If you’re planning a remodeling project to replace your home’s windows, doors, or siding, take a look at this guide to learn more about our carefully selected menu of products and features that will allow you to build a stronger, more durable, and all-around better home.

Today’s Newest Window Technologies

In the past, window products weren’t made with as many features as they are today. If your home has older or cheaper window products, upgrading with newer energy-efficient windows will likely improve your home’s functionality, durability, and beauty to a dramatic degree.

At EcoView Windows & Doors, we make sure that all of our window products are engineered with the following features to ensure optimal energy-efficiency, strength, and aesthetic appeal:

  • Vinyl Frames: Our vinyl frames are durable, long-lasting, and built for optimal energy-efficiency. While standard vinyl window frames are hollow inside, our products are filled with insulating air chambers inside the space between the frames that make them a far more effective barrier against energy loss.
  • SolarFlect Insulating Glass: Our insulating glass package blends several layers of low-E glass separated by insulating argon gas—a safe, non-toxic type of gas that is heavier and moves more slowly than oxygen. This gas reduces the transfer of energy dramatically, insulating your home while effectively reducing noise levels coming from outside.
  • Low-E Metallic Coatings: Both our double- and triple-pane windows coated in an invisible metallic coating that improves efficiency and prevents energy loss. The metallic coating works to repel the heat of the sun in the summer, while retaining heat in the winter for better energy-efficiency and a much more comfortable indoor living environment.

Energy-Efficient Doors

Just like with your windows, old and deteriorating doors or low-quality door products can lead to significant energy loss in your home. Poor insulation and bad installation can also be factors that increase your heating and cooling costs while working your A/C unit much harder than it should.

When selecting new products, choose the most energy-efficient doors you can find to ensure a more comfortable and eco-friendly living environment. Here are the materials and features that we’ve found to be the most effective choices to make for homeowners replacing their doors.

  • Fiberglass Doors: Unlike wood and other materials, fiberglass is a poor conductor of heat and is extremely weather-resistant. This makes this material ideal for improving your home’s energy efficiency and reducing heat transfer and energy loss.
  • Steel Doors: Because steel is an excellent insulator of heat, doors made of steel are very energy-efficient and provide excellent insulation in all types of climates. Premium-quality steel doors are strong, durable, and can help to bring down your energy costs by a significant amount.
  • Weatherstripping: An important feature included in today’s best door products is an insulating strip known as weatherstripping. Weatherstripping takes care of any gaps underneath or in the cracks between the door and its frame to close spaces and prevent energy loss.

Timber Impressions’ Energy-Efficient Siding Products

In over 36 years of business, we’ve seen the changes that have taken place in the exterior remodeling industry and continue to seek out newer and better solutions for our customers. At EcoView Windows & Doors, our top choice for the most energy-efficient insulated siding is our very own Timber Impressions line, known for its high-performance insulation capabilities. This product acts as a thermal blanket over your entire home, resulting in lower energy costs and dramatically reduced energy loss.

Products Designed for Your Region, Climate, and Home

Whether you’re in the market for new energy-efficient windows, doors, siding, or another exterior solution, EcoView Windows & Doors is here for you. We are proud to offer our customers an advanced selection of the industry’s highest-quality materials and energy-efficient solutions for remodeling based on your home’s specific needs.

For more information about our Energy-Star-rated products and our top solutions for improving energy efficiency in your home, give us a call to speak with our team now. You can also request an in-home pricing estimate to get started right away by filling out our online form.