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Many homeowners are eager to improve curb appeal with exterior home remodeling projects—not only to impress guests or people passing by but also to boost the overall worth of your property. While kitchen and bathroom renovations can also raise the value of your home, exterior improvements are also highly recommended for the same reasons.

According to real estate agents and home improvement experts, remodeling the exterior of your home can bring a huge return on investment. There are various types of exterior remodeling projects, but some of the most effective ones are those that focus on improving windows, doors, and siding.

EcoView Windows & Doors is one of the most trusted exterior home remodeling contractors in the nation, with over 36 years of experience providing homeowners with quality products and installations. In this article, our expert exterior remodeling contractors reveal some of the most effective exterior home remodeling projects that are known for bringing the most value to your home.

Window Replacement or Installation for Comfort and Energy-Efficiency

Your windows affect the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, and can also impact comfort, air quality, and energy-efficiency. Reliable replacement window installers can provide customized windows that are a perfect fit and can complement the current design of your home.

Modern windows usually integrate energy-efficiency features that can lead to 10-30% savings. Such energy-efficient windows serve as an effective thermal barrier that prevents energy loss from your home. These energy-efficient windows typically involve the following:

  • Vinyl Frames: Vinyl window frames are highly durable and can last for a long period of time. These are built around insulating air chambers that can significantly improve its ability to prevent energy loss.
  • Insulating Glass: There are usually three grades of Low-E insulating glass that are suitable for different types of climates.
  • Multiple Pane Glass: There are double- and triple-pane glass windows that are filled with Argon gas to minimize the transfer of energy between your home and the outdoors.

Door Replacement for Added Security and Curb Appeal

The front door of any home is an important feature that can enhance it with character, beauty, and protection. If your front door is deteriorating, outdated, or unsightly, replacing it with a beautiful, brand-new one can rejuvenate the entire look of your property.

Exterior door installers offer different types of doors made of various materials. However, one of the most popular materials for doors is fiberglass. The pros of these materials go far beyond aesthetics and can improve your home’s functional and practical performance as well as its appearance. Fiberglass doors are durable, affordable, and long-lasting. They also come in a wide variety of beautiful finishes and styles, including many wood tones. These are usually available in 1, 2, 4, or 6-panel configurations, and are known for being easy to install.

New Siding for Beauty and Protection

Siding installers have different kinds of siding that can meet the unique demands of your location. Whether your region experiences strong coastal storms or long, freezing winters, the perfect siding should be able to protect your home from damages and keep your family comfortable inside, while still maintaining a stunning appearance.

Also, new siding will help you enjoy substantial energy savings by preventing energy loss and minimized sound transmission, which is especially useful if you are located on busy streets. Look for high-performance vinyl siding or insulated siding options for the best value.

The Most Preferred Home Remodeling Experts

EcoView Windows & Doors is one of the most preferred siding, window, and exterior door installers in the United States. With more than three decades of experience in the home remodeling industry, we have managed to maintain a solid track record of satisfied clients.

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