hurricane protection impact windows and doors

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, then you know full-well the importance of preparing for a storm. What some homeowners don’t realize is that some of the most important storm preparation begins long before a storm has been named and long before you stand in line to stock up on bottled water and batteries.

While those things need to be done, shoring up the strength of your home is an even more important part of prepping—and our hurricane protection products can help enable your home to withstand the wind and debris the next time a storm blows through.

Impressive Hurricane Protection

People used to put tape on their windows to prevent shards of glass from causing injuries, but wouldn’t it be far superior to prevent the windows from breaking at all? Our products are designed to do just that.

Upgrade to EcoView Impact Windows

EcoView impact windows offer the same style and energy efficiency as our other high-performance replacement windows, yet they also offer impact resistance that meets high missile levels. Typically one of the more vulnerable aspects of a home, your windows may need an upgrade.

Our innovative impact windows provide exceptional protection against hurricane-force winds and flying debris. These replacement windows also meet ASTM standards for preventing forced entry, so they protect your family in multiple ways, at all times.

Protect Yourself with Impact Doors

As is the case with our windows, our impact doors meet Florida Building Codes and those of other coastal, storm-prone areas. These top-rated impact doors provide benefits all year long as they boast energy-efficient features that will help you trim your heating and cooling costs and can prevent forced entry. These exterior doors meet AAMA/NWWDA standards and homeowners’ standards of beauty for their new entry doors.

Hurricane Guardian for Whole Home Defense

Homeowners in the most hurricane-prone areas benefit from the extra protection of Hurricane Guardian on all home’s openings, including garages and patios – plus serving as an additional protective barrier over your home’s windows and doors.

Hurricane Guardian hurricane protection products provide burst strengths of more than 1,500 pounds and can be installed quickly and easily. Hurricane Guardian is recognized by top insurance carriers, which isn’t surprising considering they can withstand water and debris from even Category 5 hurricanes.

Storm Preparation Starts Today

Many people remember the famous picture of a single home still standing in a Galveston neighborhood that had been completely destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2009. That homeowner had spent years building a home that could stand against any storm, and those years of preparations paid off.

If you live in an area that is prone to storms, contact us today to learn more about how our Hurricane Guardian products, impact windows, and impact doors can help prepare your home to withstand a storm, without years of preparation. The time to start preparing is now, so call EcoView America today, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation and estimate from one of our storm preparation specialists.