Angie’s List has always been a blessing and a curse for remodelers. On the one hand, it gave you access to legitimate customer reviews, without using a suspicious filter like Yelp. On the other hand, Angie’s List had only allowed paying subscribers to access those trustworthy reviews. That policy was restrictive, since no more than 1.5% of homeowners were paying subscribers.

Big news from last week flips the balance on its head – Angie’s List, which has been struggling along with low subscribers for years, announced that it will now be free to read and write reviews. This will lead to a sharp uptick in Angie’s List users and make the Angie’s List platform an important part of any remodeler’s marketing efforts.

Here is what you need to do to take advantage:

  • Make a free account, like you were a customer. See what your customers will see. Look at your best, most forward-thinking competitor. Find their account. See how many reviews they have, and see what sort of specials they are offering.
  • Add a sharp and personal blurb for your business. Take the time and write out a bit about your company, like how long you’ve been in business and how many jobs you have installed. Include several photos, to let customers know they’re dealing with a reputable company in their home.
EcoView craftsman installs a double hung window. EcoView installers in Farmer’s Branch, Texas – doing great work and looking professional.
  • Request reviews from happy customers. Take a handful of customers where you know you knocked it out of the park, and ask them to review you. This will start your reviews process out on the right foot.

    A review for EcoView Windows of Farmers Branch. Everything a prospective customer needs to buy from you – contained in a review.

    With the right content and the right reviews on your Angie’s List page, you can use this review site as a lead-driving marketing channel. You need to be thinking about reviews beyond Angie’s List, as well. If you have glowing reviews on 5-10 sites, then you are on the right track.

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    If you don’t have the time to request that many reviews, you should think about automating the process. We believe in the business value of a strong reputation, so much so that we set up each of our EcoView Windows partners with a review request system. That includes software to automatically request reviews from all jobs they install.

    If you’re interested in a conversation about adding windows and doors to your product lineup or starting your own window installation business, shoot me an email at . As the replacement window manufacturer at the forefront of product development and marketing, we can set you up with the tools and systems you need to succeed in a new business line.