Hurricanes and tropical storms carry the risk of flying debris. That’s why many homeowners install clunky hurricane shutters. EcoView® Windows & Doors offers a better solution. We can install our flexible, Category 5 strength Hurricane Guardian nylon hybrid fabric screen. Here are Hurricane Guardian’s features:

Hurricane Guardian

Exceptional Strength Hurricane Guardian meets the most rigorous standards for hurricane shutters. Fenetex, the manufacturer behind Hurricane Guardian, tests their products according to the standards of the Miami-Dade TAS 201, 202, 203, IBC ASTM E330, E1886, and E1996. These hurricane screens can stand strong against wind speeds of up to 200 MPH. They also meet or exceed all local and International Building Codes.

Custom-Manufactured and Beautiful Just like our replacement windows, the Hurricane Guardian system is custom-manufactured specifically for your home. It will fit precisely to the structural elements of your building and allows it to resist the wind-load and perform to specifications during a hurricane. We can also install Hurricane Guardian to disappear entirely through built-in installation, resulting in a beautiful and uncluttered appearance for your home. The tracks, weight bars, and optional aluminum housings are also available in custom colors.

First-Class Components As experts in replacement doors and windows, we understand the importance of high quality components. That’s why we chose Hurricane Guardian. This system has a special ultra-rigid reel tube that doesn’t bend and minimizes wrinkles in the screen. Fenetex also reinforced the weight bar to minimize screen stress and nuisance noise. The system also features Somfy Motors, along with a variety of remotes and control options. You can also go for manual only operation.

Hurricane Guardian is the beautiful and effective way to protect your home during a hurricane. It’s flexible enough to provide full envelope protection, and major insurance carriers fully recognize and approve of it. Our crew is factory-trained and fully certified to install your Hurricane Guardian system perfectly. Give us a call to learn more about Hurricane Guardian or to get a free estimate.