Replacing an old window offers multiple benefits. You can enjoy better home performance, energy savings, and indoor comfort. Nevertheless, it matters which window style you select. Choosing the right window type will make your home more beautiful and increase your viewing experience.

Window Style

As a trusted window company, we make sure to help homeowners install the perfect windows. If you’re the type of homeowner who wants more of the natural light and air or have the best viewing experience, then these windows are perfect for you.

1. Casement. These windows are known for their natural charm. They are the best pick for homeowners who want to increase the value and curb appeal of their household. Nonetheless, did you know that casement windows are able to catch side breezes that improve air circulation indoors? Better air circulation gives homeowners a fresher environment just like being the outdoors.

2. Bay and Bow. Like casement, bay and bow windows are the preference of those who aim to upgrade the look of their houses. These windows have that attractive appearance, which makes any home look inviting and warm. These styles can also make a connection between a house’s interior and exterior.

3. Sliding. For those who would love to literally invite the exterior ambiance in, sliding windows will definitely work. EcoView® Windows & Doors install single and double sliding windows. A sliding replacement window offers excellent ventilation, which is necessary in almost any area in the house. With sliding windows, you’ll enjoy more natural light and better energy savings.

4. Picture. Picture windows are perfect for areas that don’t require ventilation but need lighting. Here, we install both picture windows and custom shapes. These types offer unobstructed views while letting in huge amount of light. In addition, they can be used with other window styles. They are perfect for homeowners who want to increase their viewing experience.

We hope that this post is helpful in your next window project. Make sure you get in touch with your local window contractor, such as EcoView Windows & Doors when installing one. We offer replacement windows that are durable, beautiful, and energy-efficient.

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