The US is home to a variety of architectural styles. That’s why we offer a full range of quality replacement windows together with many decorative options. We want to make it easy to match your new window to your home’s existing design. Here are some popular home styles and their matching windows:


The Northeast

Many Northeastern states go for colonial or cottage style homes. Colonial style homes are a classic American design that’s been popular since the 1600s. A rectangular shape, a pitched roof, symmetry, and shuttered double hung windows characterize this style. Cottage style homes have oversized front porch, painted woodwork, and a second story in place of the attic. They usually have double hung windows with a six over six grille pattern. Other popular home styles in the area include ranch and country style homes.

The Midwest

Popular Midwest home styles include Craftsman, Farmhouse style, and Modern style homes. Craftsman homes have open floor plans, gabled roofs and exposed beams, and natural colors and indigenous materials. Double hung windows will also look great with this style, particularly if they come in white.

Farmhouse style homes have simple roof lines, large porches, and tall narrow double-hung windows. Modern style homes have flat or low slope roofs, a utilitarian design, and horizontal windows. Casement, picture windows, and sliding windows look great with modern homes.

The South

The South’s architectural preferences are varied. Oklahoma and Texas prefer traditional and Modern style homes, while others choose Ranch style homes. States like Georgia, on the other hand, prefer European style homes like Victorians.

Ranch style homes feature a single story construction, wide open floor plans, and a simple design. If you’re planning on a window replacement for this kind of home, go for horizontally focused windows like casements, picture windows, or sliding windows. Victorian style homes are at the opposite end of the scale. It has a complicated shape that extends up to three stories, a steep pitch roof, and features elaborate details.

EcoView® Windows & Doors provide windows that can enhance the beauty of any home style. In addition, our products are not only beautiful; they can also help save you money. Our windows feature our exclusive SolarFlect™ Insulating Glass. This blocks up to 72% of solar heat during summer and prevents heat loss during winter. This reduces the workload on your utility systems and helps save you money on energy bills.

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