As part of your home’s welcoming committee, your patio doors need to be in top shape all the time. A well-maintained patio door is a remarkable sight. It improves the overall look of your exterior. Moreover, it creates a smooth transition from the indoors to the great outdoors.


How long have you been using your patio doors? Do you see any damage on the frame or the glass? Sometimes, patio doors don’t show the problem externally. The damage could affect your home’s energy efficiency and comfort indoors. Nevertheless, here are three main reasons to get a door replacement immediately:

Difficulty in Closing and Opening

Check your patio door now and take note of its movement. Does it have any part that is stuck occasionally? If so, make sure to have it checked. Does your patio door open and close seamlessly or do you see any gaps in between? Older patio doors tend to warp and deform. Aside from age, weather is the next culprit on the deterioration of patio doors.

Drafts, Leaks, and Moisture

Another main sign it’s time to replace your patio doors is if you see any trapped moisture indoors. Do you feel drafts, especially on colder months? What about air or water leaks – do they penetrate profusely? Patio doors are exposed to numerous elements every day. They protect your home from heat, cold, rain, wind, and others. Given these conditions, it’s no surprise that patio doors require proper maintenance. Nonetheless, sometimes you need to do more than that.

Compromised Energy Efficiency

There are instances when homes lose energy because of inefficient doors. If The problem with old or damaged patio doors is they won’t be able to protect your house from elements. Homeowners have to turn up their heating systems during cold months. The longer you use your HVAC system, the bigger your energy consumption will be. That’s why make sure your patio doors are in good shape.

If you see any of these issues in your patio doors, have an expert visit your home. You can turn to EcoView Windows & Doors for quality patio and entry doors.

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