Natural disasters, such as storm surge and hurricanes, inflict serious damage to homes. At their strongest, these can easily damage high-risk and medium-risk structures. Like any other disaster, the overall impact of hurricanes is unpredictable. This is why people living in hurricane-prone areas need to take precautionary measures to secure their homes.

Understanding the possible impact of hurricanes and preparing your home beforehand can help minimize the damages. One of the most effective ways is by installing the right replacement windows for your needs. EcoView Windows & Doors provides top quality Impact windows to keep your home safe from any weather condition. In this post, we explain the benefits of our Impact windows.

1. Resistance to impact – Our Impact windows provide the highest level of protection to your interiors. Since these consist of quality glass layers and vinyl components, these resist debris penetration and glass shattering during the height of the storm.

2. Added security – Properly installed Impact windows do not only prevent the entrance of damaging elements; these also boost the overall security of your home.

3. Energy-saving benefits – During hurricanes, homeowners tend to extend the use of their energy systems to maintain the sufficient amount of heat inside. We specifically designed our Impact windows with SolarFlect™ glass to reduce your energy loss. Moreover, these windows meet the requirements set by ENERGY STAR. Rest assured that you’ll gain a significant cost savings on your electric bill.

4. Protection against UV rays – Your furniture, carpet, and other belongings can fade easily when exposed to harmful UV rays. The laminated insulating glass in our Impact product line blocks the majority of UV rays, while still allowing natural light to enter. This helps maintain the beauty of your interiors.

5. Noise reduction – With our Impact windows, you’ll get the peace and comfort you need. The laminated insulating glass we use can reduce sound transmission as per ASTM specifications.

If you’re interested in exploring the amazing benefits of Impact windows, consult EcoView Windows & Doors. Our windows ensure maximum protection from flying debris. These will also provide energy efficiency and insulation from outside noise. Our team of experts can install these to make your home ready and secured for the next weather event.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Impact windows. You may reach us at our toll-free number (844) 216-7800 for a FREE estimate.