More homeowners are now looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of their living spaces. One of the more popular solutions is integrating passive solar design to the home. This strategy uses the basic characteristics and layout of your home to enhance natural lighting and maintain thermally comfortable interiors.


With the ability to reduce energy usage and costs, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are incorporating this design to their home. Your trusted contractor for quality replacement windows, EcoView Windows & Doors, shares how you can do the same with these essentials:

1. Window Orientation

You can make passive solar design work with the right placement of windows. Your units should face 30 degrees to the south, with all window treatments and other shading removed. This way, the windows can collect a significant amount of solar energy in the heating season. During the cooling season, make sure that all south-facing windows are covered to prevent excessive heating energy from entering your home.

2. Site Selection

If you’re planning to use this strategy, consider the area you live in, as well. As mentioned, southwards is prime location for collecting solar energy. Make sure that the south portion of your home has unobstructed access to sunlight. Trim overgrown bushes and tree branches that might block this.

3. Energy-Efficient Materials

The right windows can make a huge difference in achieving a passive solar home. You’ll need units that can collect an ample amount of solar energy without subjecting your interiors to hot, uncomfortable temperatures. For this, turn to EcoView Windows & Doors. We are your reliable provider of excellent replacement doors and windows.

Our window selection features durable vinyl frames that provide superior insulating value, helping prevent energy loss. Our SolarFlect™ insulating glass features microscopically thin reflective coating that can block 72 percent of sun’s heat energy while allowing considerable natural light to spill into your home. With our options, we’ll help you optimize your home’s energy efficiency.

Keep us in mind when incorporating passive solar design to your home. We’ll help you achieve your energy efficiency goals in your window replacement. Call us today at (844) 216-7800 for a free estimate.