Most people think that the only way to enjoy wider spaces in a home involves breaking down the walls. What they fail to realize is that windows are a better way to manage it. EcoView Windows & Doors looks at the four best ways to create the effect of wider spaces.


1. Pick the right windows. The key is to have the right replacement windows, specifically wide-pane picture windows. These fixed windows provide the best views among all the styles available, while drawing in a lot of natural light. This brightens up the room and gives the impression of a wider space than you have. If you don’t want to focus exclusively on natural lighting, you can choose casement windows. These are just as wide while still being able to open up.

2. Cluster the right windows together. Make sure that the windows are all clustered together to maximize their effect. EcoView Windows & Doors suggests getting two or three windows and putting them together.

3. Focus on walls that follow the sun track. You can find this information from many reliable sources over the Internet. One way to ensure proper placement is to observe that area at different times of the day. See how the sun hits that particular wall.

4. Get smart accessories. Lastly, you can help this effect along by getting smart accessories. For one thing, you can get drapes that match the color of the rest of your room. With the colors unified, it can enhance the effect of natural lighting. Our hurricane shutters are another option. EcoView Windows & Doors uses unobtrusive shutters that provide protection when necessary, yet roll up and out of the way when not needed.

Windows are more affordable than going for a full-scale remodel. Utilized properly, you can enjoy the feeling of having wider spaces without spending too much. Give EcoView Windows & Doors a call at (844) 216-7800, and we’ll be happy to help you pick the best windows to meet your needs.