Picture windows are unique among all the window options because these are the only ones that can be neither opened nor closed. Because of this, they’re highly specialized to fill the role set out for them—it also makes them very customizable when it comes to their size. EcoView Windows & Doors takes a closer look at the benefits and unique advantages offered by the picture window.


It’s captures a view perfectly while letting in light

The biggest draw of this style of replacement window is that it is used to frame one particularly stunning view so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. This makes for an aesthetic upgrade for your home’s interiors. As a bonus, this wide, unbroken view also allows a lot more natural light into your home. That’s beneficial as it has been proven that natural light can relax, calm, and get rid of stress.

It’s perfect for cold seasons.

It’s not just light from the sun that a picture window allows in. Heat is also drawn in to warm the room. This is perfect during fall, when things start to get cold. This can also reduce the strain on your heating unit, which doesn’t have to work too hard to warm your home. In the end, you can save money off your energy bills, making this an investment that pays you back.

It’s affordable.

As your trusted window contractor, we know that picture windows are a simple style that works effectively. It’s fixed, immobile, and features no other parts that can break off or wear out. It’s just frame and pane. This means that a picture window will typically cost less than other window styles or options.

The best places to put in a picture window are rooms that overlook breathtaking areas and attract natural light. That would be the living area and other places of social gathering. If great views, natural light, and warmth are your priorities, call us at EcoView Windows & Doors. We’ll be glad to help you maximize this great window option for your home.