Most homeowners usually blame the hot summer weather when a high energy bill arrives. That blame might be misplaced, however. There are many myths surrounding how best to save on energy costs, some we might believe to easily.

Home Improvement

So, what is accurate vs. fairytale when considering energy efficient home improvement projects? EcoView Windows & Doors, your first choice in quality replacement doors and windows, debunks some of these myths.

  1. Closing air vents in unused rooms will reduce your energy consumption.

It may seem like you’re saving energy by closing air vents in unused rooms, but it doesn’t. Most central air systems do their job by dealing out air throughout the room. By closing a vent, you’re actually restricting conditioned air into delivering air to that spot. This adds strain on your system, resulting in wear and tear, while still wasting more energy.

  1. Leaving the fan on ensures a cooler room.

Fans circulate the air by making a breeze that feels cool on your skin. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean the temperature in the room has changed. A fan running in an empty room won’t cool anything; it will only increase your electric bill.

  1. Dimming incandescent lights saves on lighting bills.

There is no correlation between dimming incandescent lights and energy consumption. If you need more light without worrying about higher bills, it’s better to install new windows. You can enjoy improved performance that ensures a good amount of natural light.

  1. Air conditioning is the only solution to heat.

It feels great and keeps the room deliciously cool, but air conditioning isn’t the only way to beat the summer heat. Why not invest in great replacement windows from EcoView Windows & Doors? Our windows excel in performance and energy efficiency ratings. With our insulated glass system, vinyl technology and premium weather-stripping, our windows guarantee a worry-free alternative to air conditioning.

Energy efficiency and aesthetics go well together in EcoView Windows & Doors. Call us at (844) 216-7800 to learn more.