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Watch out for them padding the bill

When i heard that they wanted to charge me $400 to obtain the building permit which only costs $75 in my area, I said I'd pull the permit myself. They insisted that they would have to coordinate the inspections and so forth, and that they MUST be the one to perform that service. HA! After installing the windows, (minus coving the unsightly screw holes and forgetting to deliver the screens) someone actually had the nerve to call me for finally payment. When I said I would pay AFTER it passed the building inspection, they asked me when I could be home to meet the inspector. NO ONE FROM THEIR OFFICE WOULD BE ATTENDING. Can you believe it? So exactly what were they coordinating. They charged me an additional $325 for a visit to City Hall and a phone call! Makes me wonder what else was padded and if I shouldn't have shopped around a little bit more for more a forth-right company to deal with.