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ECOVIEW WINDOWS AND DOORS MELBOURNE, FLORIDA The time in my life has come wherein I can no longer install/ uninstall my hurricane shutters every time there is hurricane threat. I researched the process by internet, talking to contractors and friends/Nieghbors and whoever had any knowledge or was willing to discuss window replacement. I had several estimates done and they were nowhere close approximations to each other. All these gray area caused the delay in my decision, until I ran across an add in Safari. What initially caught my eye was the advertised price which was way lower than all the other estimates. I called the number and was answered by Mindi who immediately clarified most of the mysteries I’ve been experiencing so far. Straight forward and comprehensive. An estimate was done the next day, and true enough it all made sense now. Unlike all the other companies this company immediately gave me a schedule of installation way way faster than the other companies. All the necessary parts arrived on time and the installation was accomplished within the time frame promised. On top of all that and perhaps the most important is the quality of workmanship. As with any remodeling there will be minor damages, but the overall quality of the completed product is admirable. I have no doubt that the after installation customer service will be excellent as well. Oh by the way, my friends houses who had window replacement months before me have not been completed. Ask for Carlos, great guy and owner!