In remodeling, reputation is everything. You are adding value to your customer's prize possession, their home. Your work keeps their family safe and comfortable. You need to stand out from other remodelers before your customers will trust you with that huge responsibility!

One great way to do it is with online reviews. In a few quick words, your past customers can tell your future customers that you are a company that took care of their home. The only issue is this: most customers won't review you, only because it doesn't occur to them.

Here are 3 great ways to win more reviews, all which will help you book more sales.

1) Ask.

Some remodelers get nervous about asking customers for reviews, worried that they will sound unprofessional. That is only natural! Here's the thing, though. Whenever your customer buys something online, a new app for their phone or a widget on Amazon, they are asked for a review. Requesting reviews has become a standard business practice, so you should take advantage!

Asking right at the end of the sales call can give you insight into your sales force, while asking right after the finished project gives you a full-spectrum view of your install team.

Customers will review you on the details - like leaving the jobsite as clean as you found it!

2) Ask again.

Many people get tangled up when they ask for a review, and then don't get one. Not a problem. This is a numbers game. Most customers you ask simply do not write reviews. But many will! So stick with it. You may need to send a few reminder emails to get the best response.

3) Reward.

We've seen a huge response from review requests with an incentive attached. Your customers want to help you, but you need to stand out from the noise of their day-to-day lives to get a moment of their time. A simple 'customer appreciation raffle' for reviewers is an easy way to bridge that gap!

We see 4-5 times as many reviews when we offer a reward versus just asking.

Now you have the info you need to hit the ground running with a great reputation this year. Make sure that every team member at your company is giving customers 5-star service, and then start asking for reviews. Here at EcoView America, we want our dealers to have every advantage bringing our innovative products to market.

With that in mind, we have software for you to map out each review you receive, plus templated emails to earn reviews from your happy customers. If you own a quality remodeling company and you'd like to see what you're missing, click here to request information on carrying EcoView products or give Daryl Phillips a quick call at (855) 621-1616.